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About GDPR Central

GDPR Central is build to help you deliver the most value to your customers in an efficient, pragmatic and customizable manner. Our solution allows you, as our partner, to help your customers fullfill all obligations for GDPR through collaboration. Currently trusted by over 850 companies across Belgium, GDPR Central has a proven track record, so get in touch with us today for a demo.


The features of the platform are not limited to the obligations under Article 30. Much more additional features are present to deliver an all round service to you and your customers.


GDPR compliancy is not a single snapshot in time, we help you to stay compliant over time.


Work with others in your department or get in touch with your DPO or external expert by clicking a single button.


Build templates for your organization or your customers to ensure a uniform easy method of creating the GDPR data sets.


The GDPR Central platform allows you to fully customize sections, wording and way of working regarding how you want to service your customers.


GDPR Central is able to grow in tandem with you. While you are able to grow faster, due to optimisation in the service you provide, you don't have to pay up front for customers you don't have. Pay as you go when acquiring new customers.

How To Get Started?

Get in touch

Get in touch with us. In the first phase we will schedule a demo and have a look at how you work. This will help identify how your way of working applies to GDPR Central.


After the demo stage you will receive a test account for in-depth testing. During this stage, we will work together as partners to identify potential gaps in our service offering and determine the roadmap going forward in our partnership.

Roll out and onboarding

During this phase, the team at GDPR central will help your existing customers to the platform seamlessly and coordinated.


Once the full roll out is complete, we as partners will frequently connect to determine how GDPR Central can help you going forward and what features to add first which would help you improve your service to your customers.

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Are you as ready as we are to get started? Get in touch with us and we will contact you to kick off our partnership. We are really looking forward to our adventure!